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7 Best Best Forex Trading Apps, Must Try for Beginners!

Best Forex Trading Apps

Lately, forex has become one of the most popular investment instruments by the majority of people. There are lots of best forex trading applications that you can take advantage of. But one thing that is certain before starting to come down to the world of traders, of course, you must know how to choose the best broker.

You need to know, Forex or foreign exchange is a business activity of buying and selling foreign currency from various parts of the country. Profit playing trading is very tempting.

For an early step, you can start with small capital, forex has large liquidity so that investors can make purchases anytime and anywhere, let alone through an application.

Best Forex Trader App Notes

1. MetaTrader 4

The first best forex trading application that can be used for trader activity is called Meta Trader 4, the developer is MetaQuotes Application Corp. At this time the Meta Trader 4 forex agent application is very popular among traders.

Because it is not only used by traders, this forex application makes it easier for you to connect with hundreds of forex agents.

Sharing data from the official website, Meta Trader 4 can make it easier for traders to carry out technical analysis and a very flexible trading system. Not only that, this application can help you get a price agreement in real-time.

2. HSB Trader

The method of using this trading application is also so easy and recommended for newcomers who want to play forex traders. HSB Trader makes it easy for consumers to monitor market price movements in real-time.

And which means for data from its official website, HSB Tarder has great integrity and validity from the (CoFTRA) Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Body.

Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore you do not need to feel afraid when using this application.

3. Trade Optimizer

If you are attracted to using paid applications, then you can try Trade Optimizer. With a paid trading application in it you will find a variety of elegant features, namely the 14 calculator feature that can help you in analyzing the risk in the duration of the trade.

4. NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

This application is also considered very suitable for use for newcomers. The reason is, NetDania can help you monitor currency movements from time to time. And for data from Investopedia, the NetDania application is quite popular among forex traders.

The advantage of this trading application is that it can provide factual and updated information regarding forex, as a result, it can be accompanied by traders.

5. OctaFX

OctaFX has been around for a long time since 2011, its center is in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. One of the best forex agents OctaFX supports Indonesian language, so you can trade without being constrained by language.

6. MIFX Mobile

The next recommended forex trading application is MIFX Mobile. You need to know that the developer of this application is a Monex Agent and has been known by traders because it has been around for a long time since 2000.

The advantage of this application is that you can directly do business without downloading the MT4 bonus program. Another feature, the One Click Withdrawal menu, is that it is easy to withdraw profits.

7. ForexTime FXTM

When it comes to choosing a forex trading program, it means to look for a trusted provider, ForexTime FXTM. This application is used by traders in more than 180 countries. The FXTM ForexTime application is a convenient application for trading foreign exchange.

This program is designed for experts and can be made for newcomers. For example, flexible leverage can allow you to increase your earning capacity.

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